January 27, 2016

An Investment in Education is an Investment in Vermont’s Future

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UVM's President Sullivan testifies before the House Committee on Education

UVM’s President Sullivan testifies before the House Committee on Education

Montpellier (Jan 27) – University of Vermont’s President, Tom Sullivan, provided testimony on Wednesday in front of the House Committee on Education, asking legislators to consider increasing state appropriations for the state’s only public land grant university. Among his arguments, President Sullivan made the case that “investing in education is an investment in the future of Vermont,” and through the expansion of the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) facilities and educational offerings at UVM, graduates of the university are directly benefitting Vermont’s economic development.

The value of investing in educational opportunities for Vermonters, Sullivan argued, is a decrease in the social, economic and medical costs that are often associated with populations with lower levels of education. Making UVM affordable and attractive to Vermont students is among the President’s top priorities. Given 32,000 UVM alumni live and work in the state, UVM is providing the foundation for a future of economic activity, innovation and development throughout the state.

In fact, Sullivan attests that there is “$1billion of direct and indirect economic activity to Vermont contributed by UVM every year, representing a 25 to 1 return on investment from the state’s appropriation to UVM.” Despite that figure, Vermont remains ranked 49th in the country for state appropriation dollars per student, suggesting that a greater appropriation from the state could be the means of solidifying a strong and vibrant economic future for Vermont.

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