February 26, 2016

UVM Student Opinion on Legalization

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Burlington (Feb. 22)—Bill Lofy and Kevin Ellis went head to head today in UVM’s Fundamentals of Public Communication class. Both Lofy and Ellis are lobbyists at Vermont’s statehouse, but fighting on opposite sides of the coin.

The issue is the legalization of marijuana. Students grilled the lobbyists today with questions regarding their concerns and opinions on the topic. Lofy, from the VT Cannabis Collaborative, argued the pro-side, while Kevin Ellis, from SAM-VT, argued the anti-side. Both lobbyists created compelling arguments and attempted to sway their college audience, and educate them on the issues.

After hearing both sides of the story, UVM sophomore, Callan Noone, is “all for it”. He finds that the revenue gained from the legalization of marijuana would be “unbeatable”. He hopes that the legalization of recreational marijuana would curb the prescription drug abuse epidemic we currently face.

But not all of UVM is pro-legalization. Student Jackie Gillan expressed her opposition to the legalization of marijuana, a rarity at UVM. She found the arguments by Bill Lofy to be compelling in the aspects regarding safety, but is nonetheless still unconvinced.

Student opinion on this issue will become a well-known voice to the experts as this bill passes through the legislature. Students here at UVM are connecting the their studies to this issue the more they hear about the potential repercussions.
Community Entrepreneurship major, Senou Lynn, thinks that the passage of this bill would “provide a route of opportunity for new markets, economic boost for Vermont, and small businesses.” With his interest in entrepreneurship, Senou finds the future of legalization bright, as do many students here in Vermont.

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