March 3, 2016

Bernie Rallies Vermont on Super Tuesday

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(Mar. 1—Essex Junction) A diverse group of Vermonters assembled at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction on Tuesday to support Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the Presidency.

Bernie Sanders, Democratic Senator from Vermont, thrilled his constituents and the crowd on Tuesday after a series of performers and speakers. Despite his defeat against Hillary Clinton in most Super Tuesday states, the atmosphere was comfortable among the cohesive and excited crowd. The crowd slowly formed over the course of the afternoon, inclusive of college students, adults, children, families, and important public figures in Vermont, all in favor of Sanders’ “political revolution”.

After winning just four of the Super Tuesday states, Vermont, Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota, Sanders’, and his supporters, spirits are not dampened. Junior at the University of Vermont, Carli Shroyer, attended the rally on Tuesday and is “hopeful that the next states voting in the primaries will see Bernie’s potential for the change he can make in Washington.” Standing among the diverse demographic within the Expo, it is clear the citizens of Vermont are ready for a political revolution.

Sanders thanked Vermonters for their continued support and friendship. He rallied the crowd with celebratory remarks about pundits, as Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s, offered. Shroyer, among others in attendance at the rally, believe “He just makes sense,” and are optimistic with the remainder of the primaries.


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