March 3, 2016

Burlington Berns on Super Tuesday

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in his home state on Super Tuesday.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in his home state on Super Tuesday.

Essex (March 1) – Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders returned to Vermont for a home state rally and celebration while primary election results streamed in from 11 states on Super Tuesday.

“It is good to be home!” Sanders shouted to cut through “feel the bern” chants reverberating throughout the room.

The support and excitement buzzing through the Champlain Valley Fair Grounds Expo Center did not go unnoticed. Sanders acknowledged the role that hometown support has played in his campaign and his political career, with his family standing with him on stage.

“I want to thank all of you for the love and the friendship that you have given our family,” Sanders said. “You have sustained me.”

The senator, who served four terms as mayor for the city of Burlington, was among his biggest fans and fiercest supporters. The crowd represented a wide variety of demographics, including college students, young families, middle age and elderly career Sanders fans, all of who have been united by a mutual “feeling the bern” of the presidential hopeful.

While Sanders kept his address to the crowd short, he focused on the unique nature of politics in Vermont, and is proudly attempting to bring the state’s values to the rest of the nation.

Sanders connected those Vermont values to his larger campaign platforms, including reforming the campaign finance system, combatting climate change, tackling income inequality and enabling all citizens through healthcare, education and job programs.

To close, Bernie assured the crowd that, “our message is resonating and the people, when we stand together, will be victorious!”

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