March 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders Energizes Vermonters at the End of Super Tuesday

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Essex Junction (Mar 1) – “I want to thank all of you for the love and the friendship that you have given our family. You have sustained me,” Sanders heartwarmingly addressed a massive crowd of Vermont supporters on Super Tuesday.


The crowd had been standing for a few hours waiting for Sanders in the Champlain Valley Expo center in Essex Junction, but the energy levels never wavered. Supporters enjoyed live entertainment from local artists and singer-songwriter Ben Folds. Jerry Greenfield, cofounder of Ben & Jerry’s, opened the evening with energy, passion, humor, and pure excitement. “We are spreading Vermont values across the country,” Greenfield cheered.


Despite Hillary Clinton’s massive victories in the South, the rally had the energy of a victory party. Sanders emphasized that when he first announced his campaign last May at the Burlington Waterfront, he had 3% support. The crowd’s energy and passion produced a palpable sense of pride for the senator. Not everyone at the rally was in such high spirits, however. Some protestors held signs by the only exit door that read “Pat Leahy: Why Aren’t You Here?”


Well aware of Clinton’s success however, Sanders stressed that the majority of the country has yet to weigh in on the nomination process. “14 states have voted so far – that means 36 states have yet to.” This sentiment makes it very clear that Sanders has no intention of slowing down his campaign anytime soon – and it doesn’t look like his supporters do either.


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