March 4, 2016

New firetruck sparks tensions

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Hinesburg (Feb. 29) – Town meeting is a time for citizens to be directly involved with government goings-ons in their towns. Tensions ran high at Hinesburg’s town meeting over a new firetruck. “I don’t remember this being on last year’s minutes. It feels a little underhanded” said one concerned citizen.

The new firetruck will cost $489,789.85 spread over the course of five years. This new firetruck will be replacing old firefighting equipment that is over 18 years old and not as effective as it should be. Despite those facts being presented earlier the concerned citizen still felt that the price of the firetruck was too much for the town to take on.

Representative Bill Lippert was in the crowd that night and commented on how it was important for citizens to realize that the Fire Department was also a Rescue unit. This means that they respond to all emergency calls and are able to deal with medical emergencies. He thanked the Fire Department profusely for serving his community. “I haven’t had to call yet but when I do I’ll be glad it’s to you” he said.

The townspeople also approved of the budget of $853,149 for the Highway Department which includes money to pay off a new snow plow.

When discussing Article 3, the General Government budget of $1,444,629, a motion was made to increase the budget by $2,500 to increase the Select Board’s salary. After much discussion by citizens in the audience the motion passed as well as Article 3 as a whole.

Town meeting went relatively smoothly for the town of Hinesburg with most citizens being on the same page despite voicing concerns here and there.

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