March 4, 2016

Sanders Supported at Home on Super Tuesday

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Bernie Sanders with Vermont musicians on Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders with Vermont musicians on Super Tuesday

Essex Junction, March 1—Senator Bernie Sanders celebrated Super Tuesday Vermont-style, with a rally of thousands at the Champlain Valley Expo, after a resounding victory in his home state’s primary.

The event featured musical guests such as Ben Folds, Kat Wright, and Brett Hughes. Opening speakers ramping up the excitement included Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Greenfield said that he and colleague Ben Cohen have never endorsed a presidential candidate before because “there has never been a candidate like Bernie Sanders.”

“It is good to be home,” Sanders began, to roaring cheers and chants of “Feel the Bern!” Sanders connected Vermont’s town meetings, which occurred earlier that day, with the issues in campaign finance at the national level. “Billionaires do not buy town meetings,” Sanders said. “It is one person, one vote.”

“I am so excited to bring Vermont values all across this country,” Sanders said. He addressed issues of income distribution, climate change, health care, affordable education and criminal justice in his speech.

Vermont is “ground zero of the political revolution,” said Rebecca Haslam, 2015’s Vermont teacher of the year, who spoke at the rally.

Dozens of UVM students attended the rally. Senior Sam Shuster was inspired by the energy of the rally. “It’s really special when so many people come together to stand for what they believe in,” he said, “and Bernie is really motivating people.”

“The U.S. claims to be one of the best countries, yet we have so many social, environmental, and economic injustices. Bernie is the most genuine candidate who sees these injustices and actually wants to fix them,” UVM junior Dakota Steele said.

Sanders may have only one four Super Tuesday primaries, but he is not giving up hope yet. “We have come a very long way in 10 months,” Sanders said, and reminded the viewers that 35 states have not voted yet, and he intends to fight hard “in every one of those states”.

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