April 1, 2016

Former Vermont Attorney General is “All For” Legalization

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Montpelier(Mar. 30) – A former State Attorney General said that he supports the legalization of marijuana.

Jerome Diamond, who served three terms as Vermont’s Attorney General, testified to the House Committee’s on Judiciary and Government Operations and recommended that they “take control” of this issue and legalize this year.

Diamond said he spent years prosecuting marijuana offenses and that the war on drugs did not work.

“If you stop marijuana, you’ll stop everything else,” Diamond said, “and that was a disastrous theory.”

He said by legalizing, lawmakers have the ability to control the process, the growers and as a result, the quality of the product.

Another benefit of legalization, would be the increased access to medical marijuana facilities, since there are so few in the state, Diamond said.

He said that his wife is a registered medical marijuana user and he is her assigned caregiver, which means that he has to travel about three hours just to fill her prescription.

Legalization would provide room for more caregivers and more facilities, which would lessen the burden on caregivers like himself, Diamond said.

Christopher Louras, mayor for Rutland, Vermont, said he believes the state is not ready for legalization.

He said that the state’s police forces aren’t ready to handle the effects of legalization and that the bill is just too complex.

Louras said that legalization would undo a lot of the improvements they have worked hard for in towns like Rutland.
“It’s not ready for primetime yet,” Louras said about the bill, “it’s just too complex.”

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