April 2, 2016

Is the Carbon Pollution Tax the “Vermont Way”?

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Chris GrandaA tax on carbon pollution is looking like one of Vermont’s best options if the state wants to meet their goal to reduce energy consumption and have 90% of its energy be renewable, by 2050, according to Chris Granda.

Senior researcher at the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, Grenada spoke to the committee of Natural Resources and Energy yesterday about the “Vermont Total Energy Study,” highlighting the benefits a carbon pollution tax would have for the state in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the previously mentioned goals.

One chart shown during his presentation mapped the progress of carbon reductions as the tax increases. Representative Kesha Ram questioned why the reductions decreased drastically as the price taxed reached its maximum cost.

Granda pointed out that when taxed at its highest cost, the state as a whole would be much less dependent on fossil fuels so there would be less carbon to be reduced.

Ending his testimony with a story of an America without a New York City or Miami due to rising sea levels flooding those areas, he received a compliment on his strong ending by Chair Anthony Klein. Whether that means the committee was fully moved or not, will remain unknown until it becomes time to vote on it.

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