April 8, 2016

Lawmaker’s Reject Bill

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Montpelier (April.8) – The House Committee on Judiciary failed to pass a marijuana bill with a 5-6 vote.

The proposed bill would have allowed for further education and study, before legalization. The bill would also have loosened the restrictions for current possession laws.

“I have no respect for our current governor for his position on this,” Rep. Vicki Strong(R- Orleans-Caledonia) said.

“It’s a mind altering drug and that has consequences,” Strong said, her voice breaking as she reached for a tissue.

Rep. Tom Burditt(R-Rutland) said his constituents have been contacting him and they oppose the bill 8 to 1.

“I work for my constituents,” Burditt said, “I have to vote no to this bill.”

“I’m going to be supporting my constituents,” he said.

Rep. Chip Conquest (D-Orange-Caledonia) said he believes the side effects of weed to be less harmful than alcohol and that it’s “relative risks” are higher.

He said that if he was voting on legalizing either alcohol or weed, he would choose weed.

Rep. Betty Nuovo (D-Addison) said she doesn’t believe the roads are safe with marijuana and the effects on young people’s brains that marijuana has are too unsafe.

“I can’t vote for a bill that would harm my children,” she said.


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