May 8, 2016

Vermont Pot Legalization Dead

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The House hears budget amendments

Montpelier (May 3) – Vermont’s hopes to be the first state to legalize marijuana through legislation were dashed today by a House vote against legalization.

The Vermont House killed Senate Language that would legalize having up to an ounce of marijuana, voting 121-28 against it. This was followed by another vote on whether or not the question should be put on a non-binding referendum for voters in the August primaries, which was also voted down 97-51.

House majority leaders worked to promote “compromise language,” which would remove legalization, but add expanded decriminalization. The expanded decriminalization would decriminalize up to 2 ounces of marijuana, rather than the current 1 ounce, and decriminalize growing up to two plants. This amendment failed to pass, with 77 members voting against it, and 70 members against.

This is a big triumph for anti-legalization advocates, who have seen their work in the House pay off in these results.

Governor Shumlin, on one hand, is not pleased, and released a statement voicing his disappointment in the outcome.

“The War on Drugs policy of marijuana prohibition has failed. I want to thank those House members who recognize that and worked to move this issue forward. It is incredibly disappointing, however, that a majority of the House has shown a remarkable disregard for the sentiment of most Vermonters who understand that we must pursue a smarter policy when it comes to marijuana in this state.”

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