Sullivan Testifies Before House Education Committee

Montpelier (Jan 27) President of the University of Vermont, Tom Sullivan, testified this morning before the House Committee of Education urging the committee to consider an increase in state funding for the University. President Sullivan heavily emphasized the importance of the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) project that is currently underway, arguing that this improved program will attract more Vermont students that can contribute to the future of Vermont. This new facility will also improve the University‚Äôs already strong research programs, which has a direct relationship with Vermont. President Sullivan used the opiate addiction research being done at UVM as an example of how this research is currently aiding the state in figuring out how to fix the opiate abuse that is currently plaguing the state.  

The committee members displayed a clear concern with the number of students from Vermont that are able to take advantage of UVM, and the number of students that stay in Vermont after graduation.